Frequently Asked 

Where do the eggs come from? Do all the eggs come from your farm?

The chicken and duck eggs come from our girls, the goose and emu eggs come from friends and neighbors, here in Michigan. We are hoping to have emus by 2020.

How many chickens do you have? What kind? Do you have any other pets? Do they all get along?

We range between 50-100 chickens at any given time. We have a collection of all sorts of hardy breeds that can withstand the Michigan winters. We also have one dog named Finnion, seven cats + one cat that's not technically ours, but we call him Mooch, and of course they all get along!

How do you get the chicken out of the egg?

There are no baby chicks in the eggs, these are breakfast kind of eggs! :)

How long does each one take to make?

On Average;

Chicken eggs take 4 hours each

Goose eggs, 7 hours

Emu eggs; between 15-25 hours (so far.)

What do you use to make them?

Using an air driven dremel, pencils, alcohol ink, silk, and magic! 

Or as Victor likes to say "Chainsaws!" 

Are they all handpainted?

No. I use applicaques, silk, and alcohol inks, and etching techniques. 


How do you put the images on the eggs?

They are all hand drawn, hand etched, and hand carved. 

What made you start doing this?

I needed a creative outlook, had chickens and needed a hobby.

Please see our home page for the backstory :)

Do you have a store front?

Working progress!! Hoping to be completed Spring 2020!

Can we stop by?

Absolutely! Wear your junk shoes though, our yard belongs to the chickens! 

Will they break? Why are they stronger than grocery store eggs?

Yes they will break! but so will concrete if you hit it hard enough! We compare our eggs to glass ornaments. 

Because my girls run free through the yard and woods, they get all the nutriants and exersize they need to provide hard shells. 

How long will they last?

Provided they are treated like glass or ornaments they can easily become a family heirloom, that you can hand down to future generations. 

What do the chickens do when you take away their eggs? Aren't they traumatized?!

90% of the time the chickens do not care one iota about the eggs they have laid. Sometimes however, a girl will go broody, this means shes ready to be a mom, in which case we leave her several eggs to hatch. 


Are the roosters evil and mean? Do they lay eggs too?

While I have heard horror stories of attack roosters, mine know I am Alpha and are usually docile. 

No, roosters do not lay eggs despite what some believe.

How do I remove the egg from the light if I need to?

We use museum wax to hold the egg and light base together, supporting the egg, use a hair dryer to slowly heat the wax, when the wax becomes soft, gently twist the light away from the egg. DO NOT JUST TUG!The egg will always lose at tug of war. 

Whats the best way to pick up/hold my egg?

Like you would any glass ornament, always avoid touching any pendulous areas, holding the tealight base while the egg is craddle in the palm of your hand is always the best option. 

How do I change the battery? What kind of a battery does the light take?

The light uses a 2032 battery, easily found at many stores. We strongly suggest against Dollar store, they are weaker and will need to be replaced more often.

When we replace a battery, we sit at a table, and work over a pillow, just in case. Holding the tealight with your egg craddled in your palm, remove the battery cover from the bottom, gently pry out the battery and replace with the new one. 

How does the timer work?

It is a 6 hour on 18 hour off timer, it does not know time of day, merely on and off. This means if you turn it on at say 5 pm, 6 hours later at 11 pm, it will turn itself off, 18 hours after, at 5 pm the following evening it will automatically turn back on... 11 pm off , 5 pm on, continuously until the battery dies. If you manually turn it off, it will reset until the next time you turn it on and leave it alone. 


Do you make personalized/custom eggs?

I will absolutely try, while I cannot do everything, I will work with you to make that special gift or art piece.