All Chicken egg shells are provided by my flock of hens, aka: The Girls.  Each egg is blown out, washed inside and out, at this point some receive a coloring treatment I call Silk Wrapping, after allowing them to dry, I draw my image ideas on using a pencil then etch and carve it by hand. Each egg takes an average of 4 hours to create. Because each one is hand carved there are no two exactly the same. While I can make and egg similar to what you see, there will always be differences. We believe that's what makes each one unique and special. 

If you like what you see, but just haven't found that "perfect one",  contact me regarding a special egg or a  custom egg.   I can't do everything, but I am always willing to try.  I have made sport teams, company logo, a landmarks, firemans badge, crosses, snowmobiles and running shoes with wings.  As I said - I will try.  

When ordering please remember to mention the egg size and color , if it is important to you. It is also helpful if you mention how you plan to have it displayed, (will it be on a stand, a light, made into an ornement or remain in the box?)

The Hand Carved Chicken Egg ar $40.00 each, this price includes the electric tee light in your choice of colors: Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, White, Warm, Amber or Color Changing.

I purchase Goose and Emu eggs from friends and neighbors. While the basic procedure is the same, I find myself painting the goose eggs prior to carving, because most are white and usually show discolorations.   This painting allows me to add another layer of creativity to the product.  The goose eggs take an average of 6 hours each to complete.

Goose eggs are $60.00 each, also including the light, color of your choice.

Emu eggs have become my latest obsession.  The egg naturally has 3 different color layers, the exterior is usually a black/green.  Under the outer shell is a blue/grey color and just befor breaking through the egg I find a while layer.  This white layer is so thin that the colored light with glow softly through.  because of these layers I am able to create more detailed images... I am having fun pushing myself to see what I can create.  Typically I can complete an egg with the image on one side in 2 day (16 hours), I have begun doing images all around the egg (average circumfrence of 9"), these can take 4 to 5 days to complete.

Emu Eggs range from $120.00 to $200.00 each based on details, and includes the light.

Shipping has been included in these prices.