It was on our first wedding anniversary, in 2011, Victor and I were in Shipshewana, which is where I saw a gentleman that had carved ostrich and emu eggs. His work was so amazing that the images stayed with me. 


Fast forward several years, my office job was taking a toll on my soul, I needed a creative outlet. Still thinking about the carvings...Did you know how expensive the large eggs are?  Too much so to learn a new craft on!  Luckily I was well into my chicken addiction, I had plenty of eggs to learn on. I'm still learning. I chose to stay with chicken eggs for the versality and the amazing selection of sizes and colors provided by my Girls.


Because we treat our girls right, they provide us with strong healthy eggs. When Carved they should be treated as you would a glass ornament, don't squeeze or poke at the delicate area and it will last a lifetime. 

2017: I have purchased some eggs from a Michigan Family that raises Emu, and am having a blast!  Three layers of colors to play with...I was challenged in the beginning getting the graphie pencil to show on the dark egg, but this the help of another wonderful family, found a white pencil that works on the Emu Eggs exterior.  While these eggs usually take between 15-25 hours to complete each one, I really love the outcome.

Egg-cellent Knowledge:

How to tell if your eggs are still good....


Place your eggs in a pot or bowl of water, at least 4" deep:


   1- Very fresh eggs will sink to the bottom and lie on it's side


   2- Fresh will sit on the bottom - pointing up


   3- Good will float somewhere under water (This is the egg you want to hard boil)


   4- Questionable -Not good will crest the surface of the wate


How to peel hard boiled eggs without frustration....


   1-Choose eggs that are in "stage 3" from above "hovering under water".

    At this stage, enough air has penetrated the pours of the egg to loosen the

    membrane from the shell.

   2- After hard boiling, I put it immediately under cold water. When it is cool enough to   touch I roll it on the counter and gently squeeze- Vuala!


Did you know a hardboiled egg will spin like a top and a uncooked egg will wobble... just in case you forgot to mark them.


Throw the shelling into your garden, multi benefits including a slug, snail & cutworm repellent.




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